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Celine & Jag
Wedding in Spetses island

Despite living abroad, this couple found their dream wedding destination on Spetses island. They shared their vows on the sandy shores, followed by a grand beachfront celebration, making memories to last a lifetime.

Demetra & Constantinos
Wedding in Milos island

Step into a world of love and enchantment as you witness Demetra & Constantino’s exquisite wedding in the idyllic Milos Island. Their heartfelt vows and joyous celebrations come alive in this captivating wedding video.

James & Jessica
Wedding in Kefalonia island

James and Jessica, enamored by the allure of Kefalonia’s sun-soaked shores, chose a private villa for their nuptials. Overlooking the Ionian Sea, their love story unfolded against a backdrop of azure waters and Grecian charm, creating a wedding day that blended intimacy with the beauty of this enchanting Greek island.

Marios & Ntiana
Wedding in Pyrgos Melissourgou

This couple’s love story unfolded at Pyrgos Melissourgou in Athens, Greece. They chose this enchanting venue for their entire wedding event, creating cherished memories in Athens, Greece.

Katerina & Andrew
Wedding in Paros island

Join us on a breathtaking journey as we celebrate the love of this beautiful couple who tied the knot in the enchanting island of Paros. Witness their magical moments and heartfelt vows come to life in this unforgettable wedding video.

Steven & Summer
Wedding in Santorini island

Experience the captivating love story of Steven & Summer as their dream wedding unfolds against the stunning backdrop of Santorini. This mesmerizing wedding video captures their special moments and eternal vows.

Stavros & Sivon
Wedding in Kefalonia island

Embark on a romantic journey as you witness the beautiful union of Stavros & Simon in the picturesque setting of Kefalonia Island. Their heartfelt wedding video captures the essence of love and happiness on their special day.

Max & Margarita
Wedding in Mykonos island

This international couple, living abroad, selected Mykonos for their wedding. They exchanged vows in a charming small church, followed by an intimate villa reception. A destination celebration where love knew no boundaries.

Georgina & Petros
Wedding in Pyrgos Melissourgou

Amidst a beautiful rainy day in Attiki, Greece, this couple celebrated their entire wedding event at Pyrgos Melissourgou. The weather couldn’t dampen their spirits, as love shone brightly, creating a memorable day.

Mariantzela & Philippe
Wedding in Island Athens Riviera

This couple embraced the idyllic beauty of Athens Riviera for their entire wedding event in Attiki, Greece. From the ceremony to the lively party, their love story unfurled against a stunning coastal backdrop.

Christening in Mani, Greece

In the heart of Messinia, this couple celebrated their child’s christening in picturesque Kardamyli. Surrounded by coastal beauty and traditional charm, the event was a joyous and heartfelt occasion for all.

Christening in Athens, Greece

This couple selected the serene Neratziotissa Church in Marousi for their child’s christening. Amidst the hushed elegance of this place of worship, they celebrated a deeply meaningful and spiritual occasion.

Christening in Naias, Athens

At Naias Events Estate, this couple celebrated their child’s christening. Surrounded by the estate’s natural beauty and tranquil ambiance, the event was a heartfelt and memorable occasion for all.


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